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About Us


Qualifying for a job is easier than acquiring a job that matches the caliber of a job seeker.

If he or she finds a job that best suits to the qualification and experience they possess, then there is no other happiest occasion of life for them. Hence, CaliberJobs.Com is the final destination for a Job Seeker to reach his or her goal.

CaliberJobs.Com is one of the Service-Minded websites from Shaadmaani Networks (Shaadmaani.Com), being founded and monitored by Naeem Syed and Suhail Syed since 2005. Their motto is to help acquire the candidates their dream jobs and also help recruit a most suitable person to whom any company desires to give control of its Businesses, Finance, Production and other Service related to the company. With these good intentions of clubbing together the two extreme ends, i.e. talent of a candidate and the essentiality of qualifications and experience for a job from a company, CaliberJobs.Com strives and accomplishes this entire selection and recruitment process.

A qualified and experienced HR Professional, being an Expert and Consultant for all types of HR activities, Suhail Syed would be readily available for all types of selection, recruitment and placement services. He could be contacted through his given email and also through this website, or from his own website http://www.HRTheVision.Com

Having HQs in Ambur, Tamil Nadu, India temporarily, CaliberJobs.Com will spread its wings throughout the country and also in Middle East, opening up new vistas in finding a most suitable position for a desiring candidate, help the companies and organizations to recruit cutting-edge technologists and depute them at the helm of their businesses.

CalibreJobs.Com is poised to provide top-notch and the best talent hunt and recruitment services to all categories of the companies. For every job seeker CaliberJobs.Com would be an ultimate destination with a lot of confidence to approach, at any stage. A Bio-data or CV placed with CaliberJobs.Com would fetch every candidate a position matching his qualifications and experience.

CaliberJobs.Com believes not in stagnation of anyone’s experience. One has to move on with different type of persons, offices and businesses for his own progress and personal development. Here, approach CaliberJobs.Com to get a service for you with a personal touch to your candidature.

We do have Job search service at the personal level of a candidate by forwarding the CVs to a lot of Companies, in India and Middle East. As the days turn into weeks, months and years, our allied services will be added in with leaps and bounds, such as on-line interviews and selections, to ease the recruitment process.

CaliberJobs.Com will make available Employment Information to every Suitable Candidate, helping them all the way to attain their goals while making it easy for every willing Employer/Organization/Firm/Company to find a Best Talent for the continuous improvement of their Businesses.

Participate in our Jobs and Placement drive on line with full confidence either to find a candidate of the best caliber you are searching for or to associate yourself with a company that cares for your caliber.


When your qualifications and experience get met with the Job’s requirements and responsibilities of a Company/Organization, you stand selected for that job. That is “The Job of Your Calibre”